Cassandra Lee Morris is an award-winning voice actor who has brought over 100 characters to life for video games, anime, and animation. Some of her fan-favorite roles include Morgana in Persona 5Elora the Fawn in Spyro: Reignited TrilogySarah Hotep in Fortnite: Save the WorldYuumi and Nami in League of LegendsLeafa in Sword Art OnlineOperator 6O in Nier: AutomataTaiga in Toradora!Kyubey in Madoka MagicaKota in My Hero Academia and Edea Lee in Bravely Default. Other notable roles include Nero in Fate/Extra Last EncoreJulia in Fire Emblem HeroesFie Claussel and Princess Alfin in the Trails of Cold Steel franchise, Enna Cross in World of Final FantasyAtra in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, and Cere-Cere and Calaveras in the Sailor Moon franchise.

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