Ken Pontac has been a Migrant Film Worker in the animation industry for over a quarter of a century, writing and directing content for television, film, and various new-fangled thinking machines. His early work includes the stop-motion series Gumby, as well as the various iterations of the classic video game Clayfighter. In the past several years Pontac has written scripts and dialog for the Marvel Heroes MMO, NSFW barks for Undead Labs’ State of Decay 2, multiple Sonic the Hedgehog games for Sega, an international hit series featuring the ghost gobbling Pac-Man, Disney’s animated action/adventure series Slugterra, the charming pre-school show Octonauts, and the less-than-charming Internet sensation Happy Tree Friends (a show so violent that it’s banned in Russia). He is also still receiving royalty checks for writing the LazyTown song “You Are A Pirate,” which has become an Internet meme, enjoying tens of millions of hits on YouTube and inspiring multiple mash-ups and drunken karaoke videos. Pontac has recently written for the new Thunderbirds Are Go! series, as well as the Netflix property Kong – King of the Apes. His cult classic stop-motion series Bump in the Night is available in a new compilation produced by Mill Creek Entertainment. A compilation of his controversial mini-series, Wacky Raceland, is in bookstores now as well. Pontacʼs work on the delightfully pro-social animated series Arthur may offset some of the karmic debt incurred by his other literary efforts (MadWorld, anyone?), but will probably only bump him up from tapeworm to tree-frog on the reincarnation cycle.

Pontac lives in Sausalito with a beautiful redheaded nurse and his two crazy dogs, Whistle and Mickey Blue Eyes.