Sarah Wiedenheft is a voice actor who has provided her voice for a multitude of anime. Some of which include: Zeno from Dragon Ball SuperTohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon MaidCharmy from Black CloverSaiko from Tokyo GhoulTeresa from Tada Never Falls in LoveNon from Keijo!!!!!!!!Aika from Shomin SampleShihoru from Grimgar of Fantasy and IllusionsAzusa from OrangeTakagi from Karakai Jozu No Takagi-sanMage from Bikini WarriorsKotoko from UraharaKiriha from TsugumomoSana from Alice & ZorokuShera L. Greenwood from How NOT To Summon A Demon LordHikari from Castle Town DandelionYuki from Interviews With Monster GirlsTakano from Tsurezure Children, Kikyo from Classroom of The Elite, and Michella from Blood Battle Blockade Battlefront. She has also lent her voice in a few games, such as Celeste Luvendass from Huniepop, and Lailani from HunieCam Studio.

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