Pokémon Party Panel! (1 Hour)

Do you like Pokémon? I mean, come on, who doesn’t? So where can you go to get your anything and everything Pokémon fix at your all-time favorite place to be at a convention? A Pokémon Party Panel of course! Join the voice actress for Jessie in Pokémon, Michele Knotz, and all-around Pokémon expert Chris Smith for games, fun, contests, prizes, battles, sing-a-longs, and so much more! Trade with other Pokéfans, learn about breeding and battling, and play some awesome fun games for amazing prizes! If you’re a fan of Pokémon, and we know you are, you won’t want to miss this panel!

Michele Knotz Q&A (1 Hour)

Have you ever wondered what kind of movies Michele likes or what is her favorite kind of pie? Maybe you’re curious as to how Michele found her way into voice acting or want to ask her how to get into voice acting for yourself! Now is your chance to hang out, relax, and have a fun Q&A panel with Michele. She’s super friendly, outgoing, and loves talking to the fans!!

Knotz Your Every Day Dubbing Panel (2 Hours)

Soooooo you think dubbing is easy huh? Why not give it a shot and try it on for size? See if you can follow those beeps, take direction, create a voice, sound like you’re real, not reading off of a page, ACT, and give a fabulous, stupendous performance! We’re going to take one of my favorite Anime shows that I’ve worked on (no not Pokémon, sorry, LOL) and see if you can dub like the pros! Think you can handle it? There may be a prize in it for you if you can!

Team Rocket Double Trouble (1 Hour)

Michele Knotz and James Carter Cathcart together make up the Team Rocket Trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth. Listen to the 14 years of wacky antics and ask questions with your favorite loveable villains!
Only performable if James Carter Cathcart is also a guest

I Know That Voice! (1 Hour)

Have you ever watched a commercial and said to yourself: “Hey, I know that voice!” Well, now it’s time to put your voice listening skills to the test as we play ONLY audio clips from various anime, cartoons, and video games in order for you to guess that voice! Can you pinpoint whose voice that is with no video to help you? It may be a lot more difficult than you think!

Judging Anime by Its OP with Chris Smith (1 Hour)

Have you ever heard the opening to an anime and it made you want to watch it just because it sounded like a really good song? Is the closing to that one anime done by your favorite Japanese band? Do you just really like Japanese music? Then come check this hour-long jam session we look at tons of great songs from tons of great anime series!

Pokémon Multiverse Theory with Chris Smith (1 Hour)

Have you ever wondered how each Pokémon game connects to one another? Are you curious about the series of important events that take place in the Pokémon universe? Come check out this fan theory panel about the Pokémon Multiverse!