Lucas Schuneman Panels

Who Wants To Be A Voice Actor?

Ever wanted a chance to try your hand (or mouth) at with creating scary, wacky and memorable roles? Join voice actor Lucas Schuneman as he takes you into the world of breathing life into characters! Audience members will get a chance to practice various voiceover techniques (as a group!) as well as ask questions about voicing in anime, video games and audiobooks. Several fortunate attendees will also get a chance to participate in a mock audition with actual anime character sides… and try their luck showcasing their talent!

Wait! You Do Video Game Voices?!

Join video game voice actor Lucas Schuneman (LEGO Ultra Agents, Warframe, Cooking Mama franchise and more) as he shows you that it’s not about “doing voices”, but rather… well, we can’t tell you what it’s about; that would spoil everything! If you’re an avid gamer, an old school gaming fan or simply been interested in how voices are recorded for video games, you’ll want to drop by. Stick around and you may even learn about how developers are improving their methods to create better voice acting for future titles!

Voice Actor Radio

HEAR… our guests are they bring an old time radio play to life!!!
LAUGH… as the script is abandoned on a whim and freestyle improvisation occurs!!!
TREMBLE… as wacky voices & good/bad impersonations are used to create characters!!!
PARTICIPATE… with the cast as the audience gets a chance to provide sound effects!!!
JOIN… us for an hour of fun!!!


A variation on the typical Q and A, this panel lets attendees ask questions to guests (as per usual)… but with the contingency that the attendee then gets asked a question by our guests! Stop by with your questions but be ready for ours as well!

Voice Actor Theater 3000

In honor of the timeless cult classic, “Mystery Science Theater 3000″… join voice actor Lucas Schuneman as he throws jokes & riffs at the 2003 animeminiseriesturnedanimatedfilm “Xombie: Dead On Arrival”. Prepare yourself for copious amounts of obscure references, overacting and bad puns!