Available Panels (Solo)

Kira Buckland Q&A

Kira Buckland is the voice behind many characters in shows and games such as NieR: Automata, Fire Emblem Heroes, Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, Tales of Zestiria, Love Live! School Idol Project and much more. Ask her anything in this open question and answer panel!
Scheduling Notes: Kira can do individual or group Q&A. Since Kira may not have as big of attendance on this as some of the more well-known guests, she would prefer not to be scheduled to directly compete with the Q&A of another voice actor guest, though she knows that at very large conventions this can be unavoidable. Generally, individual Q&A panels tend to work better scheduled anywhere between the hours of 11am-7pm, but before or after that can still work if you’re trying to accommodate a lot of others’ scheduling needs.

JoJo’s Bizarre Fan Panel

Are you a fan of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? Come learn about the various parts of the series (covering both the manga and anime adaptations), try your hand at answering trivia questions, and show off your best poses for a chance to win small Jojo-themed prizes!
Equipment required: Auxillary cord with speaker hookup (to play music from a phone) would be ideal, but if you don’t have access to any tech in the panel rooms, it’s not mandatory.
VERY IMPORTANT Scheduling Notes: Because this panel relies heavily on audience participation and does cater to a fairly niche audience, it is important that it be scheduled during a prime day/time, preferably afternoon or evening of Day 2 (if not available, evening of Day 1 is also acceptable). PLEASE check to make sure none of your attendees are already hosting a panel related to this series—if they are, that’s fine, but Kira would much prefer we combine forces to make one great panel rather than have two competing panels on the same subject (even if the two panels are on different days/times, they end up siphoning audiences from each other as most people will not go to both—this situation has happened on multiple occasions which is why Kira is being very thorough about this request now.) Most people are willing to collab with others on the material they are all passionate about as long as they are given a heads up in advance. If other panelists are interested in presenting a JoJo’s panel, you have advance permission to give them Kira’s e-mail address or Facebook contact info so that we can discuss a collaborative panel.

Pokemon GO for Broke

(**can be solo or group**) Come learn more about the mobile game phenomenon that captured everyone’s hearts as they capture Pokemon in the real world! Trainer tips will be discussed, including how to get the most out of your raiding, hatching, and gym battling experiences.

Voice Acting for Video Games

(**can be solo or group**) Learn about what it’s like behind the scenes of a game recording session, and the similarities and differences between voice acting for video games and other media such as anime.

Voice Acting Tips & Critiques

(**can be solo or group**) This panel is aimed specifically at aspiring voice actors who have questions about what makes an amateur versus a pro, online audition procedure and etiquette, and giving a believable performance that stands out. Should time allow, attendees may have the opportunity to come up and try a practice read and receive direction/critique from the panelists.

Let’s Talk Honestly About Voice Acting

(**can be solo or group**) So you want to become a voice actor, and you’ve probably been told to follow your dreams. That’s great—but there are major financial, emotional, and lifestyle risks involved with doing so, and it’s important to also take a look at the practical side of things. This is a no sugarcoating, no-BS look at what’s really involved in being a voice actor, and whether it’s worth it for you.

Available Panels (Group)

Women in Anime

This panel focuses specifically on the differences and challenges of being a female in this industry and how it has evolved over time. Best done with other female guests (can include cosplayers, artists, voice actors, etc).

NieR: Automata Panel

If you have any attendees who are specifically interested in hosting a panel regarding NieR or the works of Yoko Taro, Kira would be more than happy to join in! (If they’d rather not as they’ve already got it covered, no worries.)

Love Live! Dub Panel

If any of your other convention guests are actresses for “Love Live”, doing a panel on it would be a fun opportunity to engage with the audience for what is a very popular franchise.

Marketing Yourself on Social Media

Whether you’re an actor, artist, cosplayer, vlogger, or even convention runner, social media is a critical tool for marketing yourself in this digital age. Learn some do’s and don’ts about how to network and grow your potential fanbase using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.
Can be done with any other guests—YouTubers and cosplay guests being a particularly good fit.

After Dark/18+ Panels

Kira is willing to do 18+ Panels if 1) other people are on it with her, and 2) there is no photography or video/audio recording allowed at this particular panel.

Special Events


Kira is happy to assist with hosting/emceeing events or contests, vendor hall and event hall announcements, and anything else you can think of!

Play Video Games with Me!

This is just a fun thing where attendees can challenge Kira at games such as Smash Brothers, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive 5, Rock Band, JoJo’s All Star Battle, etc. Please note that she can only do this if the consoles and equipment are already provided (such as doing this as a special event in the gaming room, or borrowing some to hook up in a panel room.) Fight sticks would be greatly preferred for fighting games. Kira can also bring Pokemon and challenge attendees at that as long as she has advance notice!


Kira loves dressing up, including sometimes as characters she has voiced! Kira isn’t comfortable hosting a panel on craftsmanship, but you can have the added bonus of also marketing her as a cosplay guest if you want. Her cosplay name is Lady Stardust and her page is http://facebook.com/killercoffeequeen.

Live David Bowie Tribute Performance

While not strictly anime, Kira is a huge fan of David Bowie and is more than willing to help organize something like this if you are!