James Carter Cathcart Concert (1 Hour)

Come and enjoy the amazing musical stylings of James Carter Cathcart! James is an accomplished pianist and guitarist with many original songs to play and sing, as well as play a few favorite scales and classics. He also plays a beautiful composition from Yuri on Ice!!!, so you won’t want to miss this!
This panel requires either a piano or a good quality 88 key keyboard. James has his own keyboard that he can bring if a convention is in driving distance but would prefer if one is available on site.

Gotta Write ’em All! (1 Hour)

James Carter Cathcart has been a writer on Pokemon since Season 5 (Master Quest) and the sole writer since Season 9 (Battle Frontier)! Check out what it’s like to be the words behind over 15 years of one the most popular series ever!

Team Rocket Double Trouble (1 Hour)

Michele Knotz and James Carter Cathcart together make up the Team Rocket Trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth. Listen to the 14 years of wacky antics and ask questions with your favorite loveable villains!
Only performable if Michele Knotz is also a guest