Interpret As You Will

Interpret As You Will is a panelist group that has collectively over twenty years of paneling experience, and brings a wide variety of panels to conventions. The group brings a mixture of entertainment, educational content, fandom discussions, and interactive panels to events. They are made up of Michael Leneski, Kelsie Seymour and Matt Grant.


dscn0282Michael Leneski:

A veteran panelist of over ten years, and an improv background, Michael Leneski is an older fan who brings a unique touch to his panelist style. He feels the most comfortable in front of crowds at conventions talking about his passions and various interests in fandom. He also sometimes cosplays, and enjoys talking about himself in the third person. Each of these aspects can be seen throughout his content and interactions with everyone he encounters.



dscn0386Kelsie Seymour:

Born and raised on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, Kelsie Seymour is just starting out with her passion of speaking with and helping others. As an aspiring motivational speaker and a history of being an absolute nerd, she has developed a lifestyle of making and presenting panels to people just like her. As the youngest member of Interpret As You Will, she has the role of connecting the old with the new to create content that reaches everyone.



dscn0193Matt Grant:

Georgia-born and Florida-raised, Matthew Grant was always the class clown; he’s still just as goofy, but now he’s doing the weird stuff semi-professionally. With over thirty years of viewing various media, he has enough of a background to be able to make conversation on nearly anything – but he prefers to go for laughs.  A convention veteran, he feels most at home among the Geek Elite, sharing strange stories (mostly true) and doing his utmost best to bring the funny to the table.







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