Ian Rubin Events

“Ian Rubin’s Comedy Spectacular”
Saturday Night, 75 minutes

From New Jersey, Ian has spent the last four years traveling the east coast, getting distracted by bright colored things, and battling with his audience members (fake battles). No show is the same! Free Pocky!* (Requires Stage, seat, One Microphone, Music hook-up)

“UProv: Improv for Geeks!”
Friday/Saturday Afternoon, 60 minutes

At the Improv Comedy show, all scenes come from suggestions from the audience. So if you want Cowboy Bebop, you got it. Need some hot Doctor Who action? Boom. It’s there. A song about Homestuck? Well… We’ll try. (Requires Two Microphones)

“Ian Rubin’s 18+ Stand Up Show”
Friday/Saturday Late Night, 60 minutes, 18+

Find out what Ian *really* thinks about college, dating, turning 21, and all of life’s crazy things that come with being a full grown nerd. (Requires One Microphone, Seat)

“Fiasco Live!”
Friday/Saturday Late Night, 90 minutes, 18+

Based off the RPG by Jason Morningstar, UProv Comedy presents a live Improv show about small time capers gone disastrously wrong. We will create our characters with the audience, and watch their terrible lives unfold. (Requires Stage, Projector/Computer Hook Up, 4 chairs)

“Good Morning Liberty City!!!”
Sunday Morning, 60 Minutes

It’s the last day of the Con! You’re sleepy, and just want to laugh. Grab a cup of coffee, come on in, and join Ian Rubin for a light conversation about the con, nerd news, and everything else! (Requires 3 Microphones)

“Ian Rubin’s Six Months in Disney.”
Any day, Morning/Afternoon, 60 minutes

Ian Rubin just completed a six month internship working at Walt Disney World, and he has SO many crazy stories to tell. (Requires One Microphone)

“Everything You Watch is the Same!”
Any day, Morning/Afternoon, 60 minutes.

Every story has the same structure. Ian Rubin hilariously takes you through the fun filled world of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey,” and teaches you about “The Monomyth,” using Star Wars and going to the bathroom as a guide. (Requires One Microphone, Projector/Computer Hook Up)