Dawn M. Bennett Panels

Dawn M. Bennett: Frog Cat, Dragon Girl, Goddess of the Underworld

When Dawn was a kid, all she wanted to do was voice act in her favorite anime and video games. Today, you can hear her in FUNimation, Nintendo, and PlayStation 4 titles! However, the trip to her current career didn’t happen overnight. Learn about Dawn’s journey in this revealing Q&A and learn what it takes to be a voice actor.

Voice Acting 101

So you want to be a voice actor, huh? Where should you begin? In this panel, Dawn M. Bennett will give you a lowdown of the resources, equipment, and advice you need to start your own voyage into voice acting.

What’s My Character’s Voice?

In the world of voice acting, you need to be as versatile as possible. How does a queen speak differently from a witch? Or a maid happy to serve versus a waiter ready to quit? Join voice actress Dawn M. Bennett in learning how to analyze characters and determine what kind of voice suits them best.



Dawn is also available as a guest judge for singing or voice acting contests.