Dave Trosko

Dave Trosko is a Texan Voice Actor and Director. Dave has been working almost exclusively with Funimation for 14 years, having been featured in over 150 anime titles over his career. He’s most known for his work in Hetalia as Spain, Yuri!!! On Ice as Georgi Popovich, My Hero Academia as Present Mic, Hyouka as Tanabe, and Seraph of the End as Guren Ichinose. Most recently he can be heard as Souma in Interviews with Monster Girls, Hagita in Orange, Ronaldo in 91 Days, Kaminaga in Joker Game, and Eliott in Izetta: The Last Witch. Other featured roles include Samuel in Attack on Titan, Soramaru Kumo in Laughing under the Clouds, Sota in Tokyo Ghoul, Imadori in High School Rumble, Rokuro Bundo in Deadman Wonderland, Milgauss in Dragonar Academy, Dennis in Diamadaler , Tom in One Piece, Itoya in Snow White with the Red Hair, Jek in Dance with Devils, Bikou in High School DXD, Tomoya Seo in Assassination Classroom, and Mamoru Yuuki in The Galaxy Railways to name just a few.

Currently, Dave is excited to have joined the team at Funimation as one of their newest ADR directors. Having just finished his directorial debut with the popular rugby anime “All Out!!”, he is now directing “Seven Mortal Sins” for Funimation’s Spring Season and will soon announce his project for the Summer Season with Funimation. Assistant Director Credits include “Izetta: The last Witch” and “Ms. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.”

Apart from acting and directing Dave pursues his passion in culinary design, fine wine, and spirits as a private Chef, Sommelier, and home brewer. He also spends a lot of time as a professional Dad for his wickedly awesome son George from whom Dave gains most of his inspiration.

For a full list of credits visit: http://animevoiceover.wikia.com/wiki/David_Trosko

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