Daman Mills Panels

Daman Mills Voice Actor Q&A

Daman Mills is a bit newer to the Voice Acting world so you may be unfamiliar with this pale blond fella. Well, he’s also a fellow anime nerd himself, and he’d absolutely love to get to know each and every one of you! Got any questions about Voice Acting, what it’s like in a recording booth, or are you looking for tips on how to get into the industry? Maybe you enjoy any shows and games he’s been a part of such as Pokémon, Holy Knight, YIIK? Stop on by and say HAIII! JUST DO IT!


Hey you! Are you a fan of game shows? Do ya love you some Pokeymanz? Then come join us for a fantastically fun Pokémon version of “Win, Lose, or Draw”! This Pictionary influenced game is a participation panel where two teams will battle it out for a chance to bring home the glory! The team that guesses their artist’s drawing of a randomly selected Pokémon correctly under the time limit will earn a PokéPoint, and the team with the most PokéPoints wins! And for those who bring their Nintendo 3DS with a Pokémon video game, perhaps there will be a little prize if you or your team is victorious…

Run of the Mills Voice Over Workshop

Have you ever found yourself wondering what a voice actor’s script looks like? Ever wanted to try doing a cold read in front of a director, but you have never had the opportunity? So did I, and now you have that very chance! If you’re feeling up to the task, come on by and I will be providing a handful of script samples from different anime and video games to practice off of in groups. When given the script, I’ll be having you read them aloud and I will act as your director. I will give you constructive criticism on what works and where you can improve–to strengthen your acting chops! Whether you want to be a voice actor, or you’re just looking to have a good time, this is the panel for you! NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ALLOWED.