Daman Mills – Voice Actor Q&A (1 Hour)

You may know Daman from things like Dragon Ball, Nanbaka, Yuri!!! on ICE, and Tokyo Ghoul, but did you know he has a major coffee obsession? … You probably did, if we’re all being honest. Come by and chat with Daman on all things voice-over, games, and any other burning questions that you may have!

Run of the Mills Voice Over Workshop (1.5 Hours)

Have you ever found yourself intrigued by the world of voice acting? What an ADR script might look like, or what that “cold reading” thing is you keep hearing about? Here in Daman Mills’ voice-over workshop, you will spend time going over some important skill sets to use as an industry professional such as taking direction, booth etiquette, warm-ups, and more! We will also need audience participation for cold reading a character script in front of a live audience! Come prepared to act, and most importantly, to have fun!

Differences in Voice Acting: Beep… Beep… Huh? (1 Hour)

So you have a basic understanding about what voice acting is, but are you familiar with the several different methods that projects utilize to record their actors? ADR, Pre-Lay, Video Games, and more; here we will go through all the differences!

VO Auditioning and Home Recording Set-Ups (1 Hour)

With voice acting comes auditioning; there are a million different ways one can go about recording an audition for a client. Many of them are right, and many of them are wrong. Here we will go over some introductory tips on the auditioning process… and that’s not all! In the new age of VO, many of us record auditions remotely in our homes. Let’s learn how to set-up a soundproof recording space!

Show Themed Panels [Nanbaka, Dragon Ball, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, Yuri on Ice] (1 Hour) *Your Pick; Probably better used as a group VA panel

Daman is open to doing any group panels featuring shows that he has been a lead in. These are best if your convention has other guests from one of the above titles.