Christopher Wehkamp Panels


Christopher Wehkamp AMAA

Come and ask voice actor Christopher Wehkamp almost anything!

My Hero Academia Voice Actor Panel

Spend some time talking with the voice of Shota “Eraserhead” Aizawa from My Hero Academia about the show, the characters and the moments that have made My Hero Academia one of the biggest anime hits of the decade.

Real Talk: Breaking Into Voice Acting

Voice actor Christopher Wehkamp gives you the good and the bad of making your way into the competitive voice acting industry, including the experience of booking your first paid gig, voicing a character you already know and love, mistakes, missteps and other really, really real realities 😀

The Voice Acting Machine

Stretch your voice acting chops with this fun and fundamental panel using “The Acting Machine” to push your performances in new directions and give you more control over that most powerful of instruments, your voice.