An Evening with Mr. Satan & Buu

Chris and Josh discuss the onscreen relationship of Satan & Buu, their real-life off-screen 20+ year friendship, and how the two worlds relate. (Performed together with Josh Martin)

The Business of Voice Acting with Chris Rager

Chris discusses the beginning ins and outs of the business of voice acting.

The Un-Buu-lievable Mr. Satan Improv Comedy Show 18+

Josh and Chris perform improv comedy made popular by Whose Line Is It Anyway, as well as some original spins on other classics. Audience participation. (Performed together with Josh Martin)

Mr. Satan & Buu Read Famous Scripts from Film/TV/Theatre

Josh and Chris take famous scenes from movies, television, and stage in their Dragon Ball Z characters’ voices. Ex. Stepbrothers, Star Wars, Forrest Gump, Friends, The Odd Couple etc. (Performed together with Josh Martin)

The History of My VA Career

A solo version of “An Evening with Mr. Satan and Buu” for when Josh Martin is not also a guest at the same convention.