Alejandro Saab Panels

Voice Acting Basics: Auditioning, Equipment and Tips

Join Alejandro Saab teaching the basics of voice acting! You’ll go through the process of auditioning, the equipment you’ll need, and some helpful tips that will help in your journey to becoming a voice actor. You will also have the possibility of showing off your acting chops during this panel, as you will have the opportunity of doing a mock audition with character sides that will be provided.

How to Become YouTube Famous

Have you ever thought to yourself “MAN! Wouldn’t it be cool to make YouTube videos?” Well, now might be your chance to learn how! Join Alejandro Saab also known as KaggyFilms on YouTube and learn how to start up your own YouTube channel and even learn tips as well as having your questions about the YouTube life answered!

Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi Quiz Show

Are you a Dragon Ball Z fan? Do you think you know everything and anything about Dragon Ball Z? Then this is the panel for you! If you are selected, you’ll have the chance to win some fabulous Dragon Ball Z prizes! And at the end there will be a special challenge and have the opportunity to win a set of Dragon Balls… You think you have what it takes?

Alejandro Saab Q&A

Do you know who Alejandro Saab is? Well now you can! Join Alejandro Saab, the voice of Uno in Nanbaka, Naomasa Tsukauchi in My Hero Academia, Drake the Sniper in Fairy Tail, Ichiro Suzuki from Cheer Boys, and many other shows, in how he went from fan to professional as well as asking him any other ridiculous questions you may or may not have!