Chris Smith has been attending conventions for eight years and has always been most interested in the industry side and speaking with the guests. Chris spent three years working with 91.8 The Fan as their guest relations manager. He scheduled and managed interviews with voice talent and industry professionals in person at conventions and through the online radio station. His experience and expertise with communication through these mediums has now brought him to the creation of this agency where he seeks to bring conventions and guests together in order to turn a good convention into a great one.

For Conventions

What conventions want for their attendees is to have the kind of experience that makes them come back year after year. The kind of experience that keeps them talking, posting on social media, and wanting more. At Brilliant Arrow Booking, we understand and want to help exceed those expectations. Every single one of our guests offers a very unique experience from individual panels to group panels. We want to share these with your convention so that every attendee has an enjoyable weekend. As an agency we look forward to making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible by building a trustworthy relationship between convention and guest. There are no extra agent fees and no hidden agendas. We keep our communication open, prompt, precise, and above all, welcoming to all conventions. We know how to best serve conventions because in all honesty, we love going to them. We want to help make your convention one that everyone will love going to for years to come.


Whether you’re a veteran in your particular industry or just starting out, Brilliant Arrow Booking is open to considering all professionals from across the globe. We are open to new clients because we love seeing more industry professionals invited as guests to conventions. We work with each one of our clients very closely in order to form an honest and trustworthy working relationship. We will keep you informed and aware of all the decision making processes every step of the way. We contact conventions weekly, which will be outlined in a newsletter in order to keep you updated on our progress for your appearance. We will make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for your entertainment services. Above all, we want our clients to have an enjoyable and pleasant experience at conventions.